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The Vatican Guided Tour (3 hours)

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  • St. Peter Cathedral during your Vatican Private Tour
  • St. Peter Cathedral during your Vatican Private Tour
  • Sistine Chaple in your Vatican Private Tour
  • the Vatican Museums in your Vatican Private Tour
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Toursintuscany will provide you with an informative private 3 hour tour of the Vatican, You will be guided through the Vatican Museums, the Sistine Chapel, and finally in St. Peter's Basilica, the largest Christian church in the world and the center of the Catholic faith where many famous Italian architects and artists used their genious over the 120 years that it took to built and where you will see the Michelangelo's Pietà and the Bernini's masterpieces.

Your personalized private guided tour through the richest museums in the world will allow you to visit some of the most unique art collection from the Roman era to the Renaissance age. From the finest examples of Roman sculpture to the masterpieces by Raphael, Caravaggio, and Leonardo da Vinci, including the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo’s famous frescos of the Giudizio Universale.

During the tour you will also visit Saint Peter’s Basilica,

The tour is handled by our guides that are all fully licensed and fluent in English, that are able to customize your tour according to your needs, your pace and maximizing your time!

Please note that the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel are closed on Sundays except the last Sunday in the month,


Additional Information To Note:


As The Vatican is a holy place, there is a dress code that should be respected. Therefore, it is required that shoulders be covered and no short shorts or skirts are appropriate on the tour. Usually it is best even for men to have your knees covered. No tri-pods, large bags or backpacks are allowed in the Vatican and no storage lockers are provided there.

If you need wheel chair assistance please note that they are available between the Vatican Museum and through the Sisteen Chapel but at the end of that there are steps that you must take to enter into St. Peter’s Basilica where unfortunately, you will not be able to use a wheel chair one inside St. Peter’s unless you have brought your own and someone in your group can carry it down the steps. 



Available: All year round. Rain or shine
Duration: 3 hours
No transportation is provided (ask for a personalized quotation in case you need)



Walking guided tour of the Vatican, St. Peter Cathedral, the Vatican Museums with our certified guide fluent in English



  • Lunch
  • Vatican Tickets
  • Transportation (TAXI)
  • Vatican Tickets


Unless you tell us otherwise upon booking your tour, We will assist you with the purchase of pre-reserved tickets operated through a local travel agent and we will keep track of your tickets. in this case you will simply reimburse us for them by paying your guide direct at the end of the tour. Tickets will be purchased at the appropriate time depening on the season (often many weeks in advance) on our credit card and you will reimburse us for them after the tour. Advance ticketing is required to avoid the long line at the Vatican.

The cost of tickets is not included in the cost of the tour. Ticket cost is 25.00 Euros for the advance reservation per person) unless you are under the age of 19 then the rate is reduced to 19.00 Euros and under 5 years old is free. If you have children under age 19 in your group, be sure to let us know how many adults and how many children we need to plan for. We also need to know the last name of the participant or participants and you should bring a government issued ID with you as they may ask for it at the Vatican.

Once purchased, tickets for the Vatican are NON-Refundable and Non-Exchangeable and need to be collected for regardless of possible changes to your travel plans.

There may also be some rare dates, especially in high season, when the Vatican will limit the ability to purchase tickets especially in the morning when groups are touring. This type of situation is out of our control but and although we don`t expect that there will be any problem in obtaining them but we do want you to be aware of this situation just the same.

If you plan to purchase your own tickets let us know so that we can advise you of the best time

Headsets may be required depending on your party size over 5 people or for particularly busy days and will vary in price from 1.50E per person to 3.00E per person depending on if you needed them for both the Vatican museum and the Basilica or just inside of the Basilica. We will organize this with the Vatican as we are obligated to use the headsets that they provide.

As this is a walking tour, no transportation is provided. 

Please note that we can organize to come pick up and drop you off at your place outside of Florence. We are also available to personalize your itinerary.
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