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We are glad to propose our Montalcino Wine tour that will make you experience the life and work of people producing Brunello di Montalcino wine, probably the best italian red wine, famous all over of the world. Your Brunello wine tour will start directly from your accommodation in Florence or from any Tuscany town or Tuscany country resort where we will pick you up with our luxury vehicle to drive you to your life Brunello wine tasting. During the drive, about 90 minutes through Tuscan Countryside we will have time to stop in good spot for a real italian Cappuccino and some pictures before to reach the area of Brunello di Montalcino wine. You will be spoiled by your expert driver that will present you the history of the territory and the traditions of the wine designation.

At the first Montalcino winery, a small top tuscan wine producer, the Brunello winemakers will be happy to welcome you and introduce you to Brunello's territory and production methods, while going through the fields and touching the vines, visiting the equipment premises and discovering the aging cellars. A Brunello wine tasting will follow, which will make you more familiar with Brunello red wine and some other Supertuscans and whites produced in the area.

Brunello di Montalcino is a certified product at European level as DOCG and its production is established through very strict rules of the “Brunello di Montalcino Consortium”. The first rule is that red Brunello is made with 100% Sangiovese Grosso. The best Sangiovese in the world, due to a particular microclimate and to minimum 5 years of aging before it is realised.

In Montalcino you can also find Supertuscan Wines, Vinsanto (sweet desert aged wine) and Tuscan white wines, such as Vermentino. International grapes, such as Merlot and Cabernet, are also cultivated.

You will visit the village of Montalcino, you can enter its imposing medieval fortress and have time for a stroll and shopping. Then you will enjoy a typical lunch, savoring the original Tuscan food of the province of Siena paired with Brunello, one of the most appreciated reds by the world critics.

In the afternoon you will be driven to the southernmost part of the territory of Montalcino, to visit the Romanesque Abbey of Sant' Antimo before a second Brunello wine tour at a second important Montalcino boutique producer. You will have time to take pictures to the Tuscan countryside that, we are sure, you will never forget.

Obviously we can organize the day to include the visit of 3 wine cellars. We will be happy to arrange for you the visit to the producers that you eventually know and you want to visit, otherwise, we will propose some of our experienced solutions.



It is very difficult to explain in just a few words why you should choose a tour in Montalcino. The small village on top of a high hill dominates the Valdorcia. On the other side of the valley, Montepulciano can be seen on sunny days.

Montalcino was born as a military fort to protect the Via Francigena (Frank-route) that pilgrims used to go from the northern countries to Rome. The street was used by Charlemagne to go to his coronation as emperor on Christmas Eve on the year 800 AD. During the trip he had time to stop in this wild area,  immersed in the forests, and found an important monastery around which an important economy will develop during the Medieval age: the Abbey of Sant' Antimo.

Recently Brunello di Montalcino wine, invented by Ferruccio Biondi-Santi in the 19th century, has become one of the most famous red wines in the world.

The favorable position, not far from the coast, the precious soil, the expertise of the wineries that have reached in many cases an international level, the beauty of nature make this area a popular destination for all those who love Tuscany and want to discover the flavor of its wines and its unique food in an unforgettable journey.


  • Available: All year round. Rain or shine
  • Duration: 9/10 hours
  • Traveling time: 4 hours
  • Area: Montalcino and surrounding area in the south province of Siena – (see map)
  • Allergy Caring: We can cater to all sorts, please let us know ahead of time.
  • Wineries: Well Rated


Wines available in the area:

  • Brunello di Montalcino (100% Sangiovese)
  • Rosso di Montalcino
  • Vinsanto (Sweet wine for meditation or served to accompany cakes or biscuits)
  • Supertuscans (Wines blends of Sangiovese and international grapes, without rules given by the Associasion of Producers)
  • Tuscan White Wines certified as IGT



9:00 Start from accommodation and panoramic drive to Montalcino area

10:30 Visit and Tasting at the first Wine Estate

12:00 Visit of medieval Village of Montalcino for stroll and shopping

12:30 Lunch and Tasting in the village of Montalcino

14:30 Panoramic Drive with stop at Sant’ Antimo Abbey to the second Wine Estate

14:30 Visit to the second Wine Estate and Tasting

16:30 Drive Back

18:00 arrive at accommodation



We do only Private Tours

Prices Based on the number of partecipants




  • Fluent English speaking Driver, Wine-expert
  • Panoramic Drive through the hills of Tuscany Region
  • Visit of Medieval village of Montalcino, Sant’ Antimo Abbey and tour of 2 Wine estates
  • Wine tasting fees
  • Lunch with typical Tuscan food paired with Brunello and other wines
  • Luxury Air Conditioned vehicle
  • Pick up and drop off in Florence or its immediate surroundings.
  • All local Taxes, gasoline, driver's meal


Please note that you can pick up at your place outside of Florence.

We are also available to personalize your itinerary, for example visiting 3 wineries.

Contact us and we'll send you a personalized program and quotation.



  •  Anything not previously mentioned or specifically agreed with us





Given the current conditions due to the consequences of the spread of Covid 19 disease and the consequent mandatory containment measures, we would like to emphasize that our services are private and personalized, therefore extremely safe. our organization will avoid that clients find themselves in unwanted overcrowding situations. We will prefer, when possible, outdoor experiences or, if indoors, that a safe maximum number of users be guaranteed, according to the most stringent legal requirements.

Although we will try not to be overly conditioned by the current conditions, paying the utmost attention to make your experience as pleasant as possible, we would like to point out that:

- All of our vehicles are sanitized at each new service according to the most stringent recommendations.

- Our drivers follow workplace safety directives especially with regard to the procedures for reducing the risk associated with Covid 19, wearing masks ffp2, airing the vehicle frequently, disinfecting their hands and using disposable gloves if they have to handle luggage and other customer's personal effects.

- The vehicle will be equipped with disposable masks and disinfectant for the exclusive customer's use.

- The Italian legislation requires the distance between the driver and passengers so the seat next to the driver cannot be occupied.


The rules for passengers are differentiated and we kindly ask you to provide us with details of your group so that we can assist you and provide an effective safeguard solution that is consistent with the regulations but does not sacrifice the enjoyability of the trip.

We ensure that our partners, such as guides, restaurants, farms, stores have Covid 19 risk mitigation procedures in place and are implementing these procedures. In particular, spacing, frequent sanitizing and use of masks, and prohibition of crowding.




We will ask you to cooperate and follow the rules that the driver will show you. In particular it is made obligation to wear the mask during the travels, that it should cover mouth and nose, to observe the disposition that is assigned to you in car, to sanitize the hands before entering on the vehicle.




We appreciate knowing if you have received the vaccine or if you have had a negative test.

It is mandatory to inform our organization before departure if you have or have had symptoms associated with Covid 19 disease in the previous 15 days.

It is mandatory to report if you have had Covid 19 disease and if you still have a viral load, even if low.

It is mandatory to report if you have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid 19 or who has contracted the disease in the previous 15 days.




In the terms of service section you will find all cases of delay and cancellation of the service.

However at the sole discretion of the company will be evaluated the non-feasibility of the tour or transport service in line with the safety procedures and general trend.




Sensitive data collected in this way are protected and are used in accordance with privacy legislation.



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